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Black Seven: Legend of Venetta

Part 1: Makayna is the daughter of a scientist from the planet of Kanah. They are on their sister planet of Vallour to test an Energy Extractor that is needed on Kanah.

Part 2: 1509 A.D. Venetta is an Indian maiden in one of the tribes in Michigan. She has a special gift that makes all her people fear her. She has visions that come true.

Part 3: - 2009 A.D. Mallory is in her first year of college and on break. She goes driving and finds a cave with strange writing on both sides.

Buy Black Seven: Legend of Venetta to read the whole story.
Saga of Bazor

Part 1: Rafe is an agent for the city of Alvarin on Bazor and must find the key part for the Water Gatherer which is failing. Lisa has just started a new position as an admistrative secretary to the CEO of a comnpany in Peoria, IL. Cliff hired Lisa to work for his company but has a dark secret.

Part 2: Dane is the second in command, under Rafe, the High General. He is on a quest to find a kidnapper that has been kidnapping children and starting wars between the seven planets of their solar system. As he is gathering information that will lead to the kidnappers, he finds out that Bazor has a guardian who has called on Rafe to meet with them. Rafe sends Dane to investigate the urgent problem.

$9.99 Epub Format         $25.99 Paper Back
ISBN: 978-1-71602-651-5         ISBN: 978-1-71698-142-5

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