Deb CarverOwens
PO BOX 2214, Foley Al 36536

Author of two Short Stories, Article of Interest, Editorials, full length Sci-fi ebooks and printed books, two poetry ebooks, and music.

"Black Seven: Legend of Venetta" is a full length science fiction novel which spotlights three courageous women from three different planets covering three different time periods being threatened by one disastrous machine.

"Saga of Bazor" which is also a full length science fiction novel. The work starts on Earth with a woman that finds herself caught in an espionage trap between an agent from Bazor and a madman.

"Experiences in Fishing" portrays a fishing trip to the lake which includes humorous events, serious subjects, definitions, and recipes.

"Faith's Dark Stranger": a fiction eBook about a woman who has recurring nightmares of possibly something that happened in her past. She awakes moaning a most eerie sound and feels the constriction of her insides even after awakening. she is thrown into a nightmare of homelessness, but can she pull her self out of the mire in time to find her daughter and bring her home.

"Life's Like That": poetry that covers several emotions such as love, humor, love, other subjects, love. Oh and did I say love? As you can see there are several poems about that subject.

"Verria's Gift": the exciting sequel to "Saga of Bazor" about the Empress of Melentis who has lost her Emperor to a murderer and must carry on. She is surprised when his spirit appears to her, but deep in her heart, she is ecstatic. Together, they investigate the mystery of his death.