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Books' Wildlife

Here are a few pictures of some of the wildlife you will find in "Black Seven: Legend of Venetta" and "SAGA OF BAZOR Trilogy." I think you will find them interesting.


Barra is a battletarlen from the book Black Seven: Legend of Venetta. He is a stallion who is ridden by the leader of the mountain people.


Brambles is so adorable. She is in the second book of the trilogy Guardian of Secrets. She befriends some of the characters and becomes one herself.


Salty, a Kandog, is introduced in the first book The Hunt. He can communicate telepathically with the royal family of one of the other planets.


OOPS. I put the wrong picture here. This is a different story altogether. Enjoy the pic.


Now, this is a Mandor! He appears in the second book Guardian of Secrets. They can't see very well, but with their keen sense of smell, you have to cover with dirt to keep from being detected by them. Yuck, right?


Aviden is a Tanja Beast in Guardian of Secrets. They are docile and very loyal.

Randon and Magda

Randon is the Tanja Beast that is ridden by the Emperor Romar in the third and last book of the trilogy Verria's Gift. Magda is Verria's Tanja Beast.

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