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Being on the internet since 2000, there have been many websites that were created in those years. This one is unsurpassed in design and will have all the finest eBooks and music that we have created. My husband has helped tremendously with the art of co-writing songs.

As for the eBooks themselves, the first work that was written started in 1990 when the "Poems to the Lord Notebook" copyright was obtained. It was many years before any others were attempted. My dream is to be the absolute best author that I can be. I love to read books and have read them for many years. One day as I was reading, I thought that I would like to do this.

I started reading the books in a different frame of mind paying attention to the way the author told the story. The strengths of the plots and the depth of the characters came into vivid focus. I got in touch with one of my favorite authors who did a critique for me. They recommended that I get the book "How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method" of which I immediately ordered. Reading it several times, I found a new perspective on writing.

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In this flipbook you will find two editorials and an article of interest. The editorials are titled "What If, A Journey into Disrupting for Disruption's Sake" and "What's the Matter with Us?" and the article of interest is called "Dangerous, Friendless...Homeless". I hope that you enjoy reading these writings.
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