What’s the Matter With Us?
Deb CarverOwens

Let’s write an article about something that was heard on the news today. Why don’t we name it, What is the Matter with Us? Should it go something like this? What is the matter with us? Should we let the officials of our country break the law any time they choose. Is there a law that prohibits the upper echelons of law enforcement on Capitol Hill from granting immunity to key witnesses that don’t testify in an investigation? Is it legal to destroy their evidence for them? the computers that have possible evidence on them? What evidence do we have that these law enforcement officials do this? The answer is: they said they did. Does that sound like a confession to you or are they so above the law that they are not worried about anyone calling them to account?

These are legitimate questions. Should we ask them or just go on with our daily lives like nothing is going on. When we get up in the morning, do we care that something is going on at the Capitol? Do we think about it at all? What will happen if we don’t get interested in the way our elected officials govern us? Will the people of this country get up one morning to a government that has turned from freedom into a dictatorship?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but what do you think? If you really sit down and think about it, what are the conclusions at which you arrive? Blog me with some of the answers that you come up with. Is it that we are heading for a rude awakening in our very near future or is there a way to circumvent the disastrous results of our current path. What is that path? Some may say that nothing will change while others will be terrified about the changes that they foresee. Which of these are you? what can be done? Maybe there are steps that can be taken to stop a change that we certainly don’t want. What are they?

Is there such a thing as a peaceful fall into dictatorship? This country stands and has stood for freedom for a long time. Is it at an end? Will it continue? What are the answers to the questions asked in this article. Maybe if we all put our brains together, we could answer them; but we will all have to do it together. I know, here goes that lovey crap. Well, is it time for us to stand together using that lovey crap to save our country or does it need saving? Think about it.