I am a writer of Science Fiction novels, a short humorous story about fishing, editorials, articles, and a FREEE poetry book entitled Poems to the Lord Notebook. 
Being an author of four full length science fiction books has many many rewards, but the main plus for me is that I can use my imagination with which I have been thoroughly blessed.  Some may believe that writing from ones imagination takes no research, however that is not true.  Believe it or not, there are many things surrounding the fantastic that still need to be looked into.

 I started out many many years ago reading books.  It was one of the pleasures of life that encompassed from the Bible to historical romances.  My husband had a comic book collection at the time and trying to sell them on the internet was one of the starting ventures. As the years went by, there were times that the idea of writing my own books was very strong, but I had no way of knowing how to start. Then one night as I was sleeping, I had a dream where all these words were poured into my head.  When I awakened, the drive to write was much much stronger, so I sat down at the computer. That was eight years ago. Two of these books are being submitted to agents at the moment. Hopefully you will see them soon. The short story about fishing is on this website and Poems to the Lord Notebook, as you know is free.  


Deb CarverOwens