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I am a writer of Science Fiction novels, a short humorous story about fishing, editorials, articles, and a FREEE poetry book entitled Poems to the Lord Notebook. 
Being an author of four full length science fiction books has many many rewards, but the main plus for me is that I can use my imagination with which I have been thoroughly blessed.  Some may believe that writing from ones imagination takes no research, however that is not true.  Believe it or not, there are many things surrounding the fantastic that still need to be looked into.

The other science fiction work is about three planets (of which Earth is one) that are in danger of implosion from a machine that was invented to supply a lifetime of energy.  "Black Seven" starts on a planet in the far galaxy, however the device was stored on Earth so that it would not damage its home planet if someone activated it.
Two young women, 500 years apart must try to save their homes when the far away planet is taken over by a rebellious overlord and the device is activated by a usurping king on the planet of Kanah where the device was created. There is also an articles for your reading pleasure.  Fill out the contact form and tell me your opinion of these works.

 I started out many many years ago reading books.  It was one of the pleasures of life that encompassed from the Bible to historical romances.  My husband had a comic book collection at the time and trying to sell them on the internet was one of the starting ventures. As the years went by, there were times that the idea of writing my own books was very strong, but I had no way of knowing how to start. Then one night as I was sleeping, I had a dream where all these words were poured into my head.  When I awakened, the drive to write was much much stronger, so I sat down at the computer. 

The idea came to me about a planet far out or our solar system that had people much like us. The idea came that, what if someone from that world came to this one to find a part that was hidden on Earth.  As I wrote the story became clearer and clearer.  That is how the trilogy of Bazor: The Hunt, Guardian of Secrets, and Verria's Gift were conceived. The book (Black Seven)came after that inspired by the Great Lakes.  That's all that I will say about that because I don't
want to give the story away.

That was in 2008 and I have been working on editing, "fleshing it out", and self-publishing for the last eight years.  Now they are available to anyone who wants to read them.  It seems like it took a long time to get them just right, but I truly wanted the stories to be complete and exciting.  They are full length novels that (it is hoped)will show the whole picture of the scenes and commentary.

Thank you for visiting with us and come back often to see what has changed and when the books will be available.  Have a great day and God bless.


Deb CarverOwens