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Hello there. Deb CarverOwens would like to welcome you to the site. Here you will find books and ebooks for you to buy. There are synopses of the stories and excerpts, too. Please browse to find one of her books that is to your liking. She Googled the number of books in the world and there are 129,864,880.

That doesn't seem like very much when you consider the whole world spectrum. People are just not reading printed books anymore. Sometimes we need to make time to stop and relax while reading a nice novel. Folks are running and running and running these days, so they have no time to appreciate the wonderful things that God has made such as beautiful flowers, a mountain's majesty, or a lake for fishing and fun. There are oceans that have been surfed, as well.

So, you see, we can all slow down in this life to keep from making mistakes or wrong decisions from not researching the mishaps that come upon us. Try it. Buy a book and sit down in a quiet place and read. It doesn't matter the subject which could be Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Christian, or Secular. There are a ton of genres from which to choose.

Poems to the Lord Notebook

This book is absolutely FREEEEEE! You can download it, print it, read it right here, or all three.
There are at least 40 poems to inspire, comfort, and delight you, so don't forget to get your copy right now.
If you will look below, you will see a sample of one of the poems called "Final Strike Out".

Thank you
Final Strike out

There were smiles on each person's face,
As we met in the field that's our fellowship place.
The men and women were ready for action.
When the teams lined up in satisfaction.

The pitcher threw it; the ball was hit.
A grounder, the short stop scooped it up in his mitt.
He threw to first base; "safe" was the call,
The first baseman slightly dropped the ball.

Your right; the major leagues we're not.
We tend to drop the ball a lot.
The reason we gather to a dusty field.
Is of our fellowship to one another we yield.

The closeness this gathering of churches does bring,
We can make three outs and GOD's praises still sing.
This is our way of friendly competition.
To have fun in this way, GOD grants His permission.

As a witness, we pray someone will believe.
And the gift of eternal life receives.
For at the Great White Throne Judgment in the end
When GOD says, "I never knew you", that's your third strike,
You're out, my friend.
Writing to see a better tomorrow and make books viable for a future of electronics. eBooks are one of the fastest growing and most popular reading material. We Authors need to keep up with this flow. That is why Deb CarverOwens has written ebooks as well as books. Thanks for stopping by. Please come and visit often to see what is new and what has changed.

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