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A young woman must decipher a nightmaric dream and
stop her life from spinning out of control.
Based on a true story.

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Welcome to Deb's Writing. Here you will find all the books that she has written, songs that were written by she and her husband, Steve, and poetry espesially excerpts from the Poems to the Lord Notebook. You can download this audiobook of Christian poems for free HERE.

Lisa is a young Earth woman who has been in a motorcycle accident that has left her with a limp. She has no realization of the problem this causes her. Rafe is an agent from the city of Bazor called Alvarin. The city's Water Gatherer is failing and he must find the part his brother hid on Earth before he died. Mannon is an agent from the sister city of Bazor named Anemene. He has come to Earth to find the same part to sabotage the water maker. Lisa finds herself in an espionage trap between an agent of Bazor and a madman.

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Dane Morroe is investigating a ring of kidnappers that have been taking royal children from their ruling parents. They send a ransom demand from one of the five planets in the system that did not take them. As he is looking for the criminals, he is summoned to meet the Guardian of Bazor to stop the earthquakes that will soon rock the planet. He has to go through many perils to find the guardian but finally makes it to the Northernmost area of the planet called Mt. Mannepheth. Together the guardian and Dane must find a way to save the planet as well as the children.

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Verria is the empress of Melentis and has just lost her beloved husband, Romar, to an assassin. She must find out who murdered him if she is to find any peace of mind. She gets a surprise when her husband's spirit comes back to her and together they investigate the mystery. With the help of Romar's twin, can they find who the culprit is? Who is the "watcher" that has them all under surveillance? And what does he want?

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Part One
Makayna must convince the other scientists that have gone to the planet Vellour that the Energy Gatherer they have built is too big. It will implode that world.

Part Two     1509 A.D.
Venetta is an indian maiden in the Michigan area going on a hunt. Venetta runs into a cave to escape a storm and sees a bright light.

Part Three     2009 A.D.
Mallory is a college student. She comes to Manistee Michigan to visit and finds strange writing in a cave that appeared off the road.

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