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I have an idea forming in the back of my mind. It has been there before, but never comes to fruition. I believe today is the day that I will be able to see the outline of what happened long ago. The mists in my thoughts are drifting away and the picture is becoming clearer. I see a body forming in a haze of fog. It seems to be a man without a face. He is dressed all in black. His eyes, nose, and mouth are missing. Even his ears are not on the sides of his head. What does this mean? The fog reaches to his thighs and swirls about in diverse patterns that look like a puffy cloud. Suddenly, the body is upon me with arms that I cannot see squeezing my chest. It moves slowly to my abdomen, and the next thing I know, I hear an eerie moaning sound.

I listen closely to the noise and realize that the resonance is getting louder. I fight to come up from the darkness and become conscious of the fact that it is me making that horrifying sound. Sitting straight up in bed, I am gasping for air. I can still feel the constriction as if a snake was curling around me. Slowly it goes away, and I look across the room. There are whisps of fog disappearing through the wall of my bedroom.
These words are a part of my next story. What do you think it should be about? What should the plot entail? Write me and let me know your suggestions. I would be glad to hear them. Email Me Your Suggestions and I will read every one of them.


This notebook is yours to write what you are thankful for everyday of the week. You can pen once every day or once a week. You can even do once an hour if you want. Going back and reading the praises we wrote down will inspire and uplift us for years to come as well.
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